Shared stewardship of research data

Licensing and terms of use

Portage Network is a library-based research data management network in Canada.

DMP Assistant

DMP Assistant ('the tool', 'the system') is powered by an open source application called DMPOnline, which is developed by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC) and shared under an AGPL license.

Data management planning templates and resources

The Portage Data Stewardship Template and associated guidance on Portage DMP Assistant (but not the plans themselves) are under a Creative Commons Zero License.


Institutional data management planning templates and their associated guidance are under their own Creative Commons License terms. Contact individual institution for more details.

Your personal information

The University of Alberta Libraries hosts the DMP Assistant and stores your data management plans on your behalf, but the plans are your property and responsibility. Information stored by the DMP Assistant is governed by the University of Alberta Libraries website privacy policy.


Your password is stored in encrypted form and cannot be retrieved. If forgotten it has to be reset.

Use of the tool indicates that you understand and agree to these terms and conditions.